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Hello from Paris (France) As a kid , i always loved rc model car but i couldn't afford it , i remember me looking a the other kid rc car when i was with my poor nikko landshark ;( , im not complaining because when i was kid with my poor nikko i remember that some friends didn t had nothing so from a certain point of view i was lucky to have something ..... for my 11 years old birthday , my father bought me a second hand YANKEE Porsche 911 for 1000 franc ( 1000 F = 150 )at this time euro money didn t exist yet, by yankee i mean shaft mfi yankee (asian brand of the french brand yankee) impossible to compare with french yankee who are 1/4 Scales and 1/5 ... mine was 1/10 touring , it had the same wheelbase as tamiya 1/10 but the wide was 250 mm ,more like a 1/8 tgx , so it was a bit ugly but so funny ... I used this porsche from 1998 to 2013 , without any issues and then i sold her after a little restoration (tires/wheel,main chassis) Sold this yankee was a heartbraking idea i will regret one day but it allowed me to start tamiya collection . i let pass away so much model from my young age to theses days in this brand so i try to collect all tgx, tg10,tgr,tgm, i find in good shape , i also collect theirs kyosho cousin the superten and pureten
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