Thanks to We have this fantastic new kit to give away this Christmas!

Click the picture for full details from StellaModels

So whats the theme? "Knolling".

"Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization."

Google it if you need more help (its ok it is Safe For Work) You decide where to take the theme, it could be arranging parts, models, boxes, tools, pain tins, screws, decals, anything RC related. It can be festive or not and as always the voters will decide who wins.

What are the rules?

Theme specific rules:
  • Only one image can be entered.
  • YOUR PICTURE MUST HAVE A CLEAR 'RC" CONNECTION IN IT, models, parts, boxes, paint, tools etc.
  • The image must be in your tamiyaclub showroom (no external links)
  • You are allowed to software to enhance, in any way you like
  • You need to enter a model into the competition before, close of 31st December
  • You must vote by 15th January 2017
General rules:
  • You must have produced the image yourself or have permission to use it.
  • You must vote if you want to be in with a chance of winning yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: In the current climate many countries are now being much stricter about imported parcels and in turn hitting more parcels for import taxes. As has ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE, should you win we will cover the delivery costs but YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY IMPORT CHARGES. The donators of the prizes will not falsify any item values on the prizes. If you do not want to risk the possible charge of these taxes then the only solution is NOT TO ENTER.

You first entry is your final entry, you cannot change you mind or enter a different item later (even if you entered the wrong thing by mistake)

Its up to YOU to make sure your entry complies. If we see any which we do not feel complies they will be removed. We will attempt to contact you about this but this cannot be garaunteed, so you are responsible to check your entry is still there as the closing date approaches. If you entry is removed you will be welcome to enter a different photo.

This competition is now over! There will be another along shortly

Entries will appear shortly.


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