Technical Specification


model number 21100
model namePanther Type G Late Prod w/2.4GHz Control Unit
releasedMid 2011
chassis desc.
bodyFinished scale model
same chassis TBA
original priceMSRP: $625.00
At the beginning of WWII, German tanks were defeated by Russian T-34 medium tanks and in order to counter them, Germany created the Panzer V and they were deployed to the frontlines in 1943. The Panther featured excellent defensive abilities, had sloped armor plates and was powered by a 700ps Maybach HL230P30 4-stroke V12 gasoline engine which provided them with a top speed of 55km/h.
The Tamiya model faithfully replicates this famous piece of armor in 1/35 scale and you can now control this model with a 2.4GHz control until.

Specs and Features
1/35 scale R/C finished model of the German Panther Type G Late Production.
Comes in a convenient and stylish silver-gray carrying case type packaging.
The 2.4GHz controller enables easy operation of realistic tank movements.
Forward/reverse, left/right turning, sharp turning, pivoting, as well as turret rotation, main gun elevation/depression can be controlled.
Realistic sound effects such as engine sounds, main gun firing, damage sounds and explosions are synchronized with the tank's movement.
The unique infrared light system will allow you to have battles with 2 or more tanks.
- Four AAA alkaline batteries for the tank and one (9V) battery for the controller are required (sold separately).

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