Palfertronics' thoughts on this model

My first DT-03, it went together in about 6 hours..

Its a bit longer than a DT-02 chassis, and the 2 piece monocoque body is immensly strong and light.
no problems in building the chassis, I ballraced mine from the outset. the steering servo mounted upside down seems a bit extreme, but it seems to work OK! I like the channels for the wires and tie wraps built in, someone at Tamiya has their head screwed on!

Decals are a bit fiddly, a bit on the overkill side, but thats just me I suspect! It makes a nice looking car..

It drives very well, only a quick test on my bit of waste ground opposite my house, it understeers a bit, but then what stock Tamiya doesn^t?

I think at the price it is very good value for money...

entered: 3/24/2016 6:08:28 PM by Palfertronic


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