Porsche 935 Guys' thoughts on this model

In 1977 the best I could get was the Tandy a Radio Shack 935. A complete rip off but actually was pretty good. Finally thanks to eBay got the real deal last year. I^m obsessed about modernising a few things on it like putting ball bearing on it, it^s done now they are so realistic especially when you crash them!!!
entered: 5/23/2015 5:16:38 AM by Porsche 935 Guy

Palfertronics' thoughts on this model

I had one of these back in the Autumn of 1979, my first RC car. I recall having a 380 motor in it to start with, but got a ^tune up^ 540 motor and gearbox for it soon after, a nd ballraced bearings. This made it move at a rate of knots! The 3 speed MSC was a bit uneven in power delivery, making driving it in the wet quite entertaining!
The end came when the car hit a bump at speed, hitting the radio switch at rear to ^OFF^, so it went flat out into a concrete kerb, destroying it pretty completely!

Wish I had kept the bits now, probably worth a fortune on Ebay!

entered: 10/11/2011 4:18:17 PM by Palfertronic


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