Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Tamiyaclub.com?
  By becoming a subscriber you get your own area of the site, to show your rc collection and to trade your kit. It all works via a very simple web interface, all you have to do is take your photos and write the text. The system does everything else, i.e. creates thumbnails, previews and handles all design and layout issues. No HTML skill required.
How do I get a star /by my showroom listing?
  Thats easy, all you have to do is provide a link to this site from your site, or forum signature etc. Once you have done it just email details of where the link is to supporter@tamiyaclub.com and your star will automatically be added to you listing to signify that you are a valued tamiyaclub.com supporter.
Who owns Tamiyaclub.com?
  Tamiyaclub.com is privately owned by Netsmith. It has no relations at all with Tamiya Inc. The content is generated by its members and several key contributors/administrators.
Why do you provide this service?
  We felt the need for this type of definitive reference point for Tamiya collectors so we thought we would build one. There are a lot of good sites out there that carry alot of great content but finding them can be a bit of a 'hit and miss' process. Tamiyaclub aims to collate all the best information together in one place.

Also there are a lot of great Tamiya collections out there which the owners have no way of displaying - tamiyaclub gives them that place.
Will you accept advertizing?
  One of the original reasons for building this site was that some many other Tamiya fans sites out there were based on other 'free' hosting solutions that were plagued by annoying advertizing banners and pop-ups, we wanted to create a site without these problems. That said we would entertain taking advertizing or sponsership from companies and services which are directly related to the interests of our members and visitors - ie RC/hobby related. [Choose The Directory from the Shop menu for more details] WE WILL NEVER HOST ANY SORT OF POP UP/UNDER/BEHIND type advertising - SO DON'T ASK
Can I have ftp access to my showroom?
  Absolutely not, never, no way. If you need a website which provide ftp access then I am afriad this isn't the place.
What picture formats do you support?
  Currently because of technical restriction we only allow the upload of Jpeg format pictures. Members will be notified if this changes.
Is there a limit to the size of the images that I upload?
  There is not an individual file limit but you can only ever upload a total of 5mb in any one upload (eg 1 x 5mb file or 5 x 1mb files). If you need to upload more you can add an item with one picture and then edit the item to add more. All uploaded files have a jpeg compression of 65% applied to them and if they are larger than 1024 x 768 then they are resize to this size. You can save yourself a lot of upload time and size if you apply these changes to your images before uploading them.

In general you should try and keep your files sizes down - you may have an ultra fast connection but many of our visitors still use 56k modems so the chances are they won't bother waiting for your images to download if they are too large
I've tried to download all your site to a browsable off-line archive but it doesn't work.
  Good. That means our site protection is working. Tamiyaclub.com is intended to be an online resource where you come and take only what you need. If we allowed you to take everything it would mean you hogging all our bandwidth for quite a period of time and slowing things down for everyone else.
Can I use some of your images on my site.
  Sorry no, unless you get express permission from us first (which is unlikely). It takes a long time to get all this data and images together which we did to make this site great and provide you a resource. We did not do it to make it easier for you to make your site good. If you are building a site try and be original and use new images & design.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any form anywhere.
I have got my own website but would like to link to my showroom on tamiyaclub is this allowed.
  Absolutely, as long as you do nothing to try and hide where your showroom is actually hosted. To find the url of your showroom just visit the page and copy the url from the address bar.
Why haven't you got fancy roll-over buttons or use frames for your layout.
  Both of these were fine in thier day (a bit like mullet haircuts and moustaches) but the world has moved on and both of these techniques have proved to be bad ideas. Frames make printing results unpredictable and also make it very hard to link to particular pages in your site (especially from search engines) Buttons and links as graphics just increase download times and don't translate either when people try and use web based translation tools. Our site should translate fine using any translation tool you may find.
Can I use my 'trades/wanted' are to host pictures for ebay and other auction sites?.
  Yes, as long as the auction is RC related. ANY images which are not rc related are not be allowed.


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