Tamiyaclub Classified Adverts

Tamiyaclub Classified Adverts

Here at Tamiyaclub, we have two levels of members
  • Subscribed Members, those that join the club on a yearly basis and pay for its use in advance
  • Non-Subscribed Members, a combination of passing people just looking to sell the few items they have, and also a good percentage of long term visitors and active participants in the club but have decided that the subscription system and the benefits its supplies are not for them.
One thing the two levels do have in common is their love of trading RC items. Subscribers post their items in their traderoom section and this 'classifieds' section is where the non-subscribed members post their items - on a simple 'pay as you go system'

If you'd like to advertise you items here, in front of 1000's of RC fans a day then please

- First login in or register for free by clicking here

- then return to this screen for instructions on the next step

Don't forget for many more great trades - check out our Subscribers items by clicking here


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