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My name’s Michael and i was born in the early ‘70ies. I've been into Tamiya since i was a child and started with my Sand Scorcher and later a Porsche 956 RM Mk5. After a while the Rally obsession began with the Lancia Delta and my collection is growing by now. Thanks to my family who are very acquiescent with my obsession!!..

I love to take RC-car Action pics mostly, in former times i used to race at the Tamiya Cup. I'm also Alfa Romeo mad as you can see in my showroom.

Before using one of my pics, you must have my permission to use it/them! This was necessary because many people used my pics for selling things on ebay etc.

TC-Top Traders i have traded with and can absolutly recommend them: (in no particulary order) - thanks for the smooth trades

cc_76, mcovalsk, tamstar, professorslot, gatecliff, joro, alonzofuriozo, alistair, huffmiester,, smileyvu, sandokan, tamiyali, bibbo, flux denisity, ukzz4iroc, chain driven, dragostanko, Tamichael, supergreg, Dazmeister, muratti, jayjay, ra1028, marty, zulu69, oldsterolli, joelvardy, victor101car, WRC Action, stickerbod, TOM53, arai_1, alexxkid, Chain Driven, Chris_Chris, Laurent, trickydicky1979, Jorisschulte, Dazza1, SKYANDSAND, Subaruhess and many others i don't remember yet