Location:New Forest, UK
Ebay ID:chriscd175

Hi there, Iím Chris. I got into R/C before I was 10 years old, playing with my Nikko monster truck. My first proper car was a Kyosho Sierra RS500, which spent most of its time doing doughnuts. I then received a Tamiya Escort Cosworth, in the Pilot livery, and even back then I could appreciate the build quality. I was hooked!
Then adolescence reared its ugly head and the hobby was put in the loft for a few years, and I moved on to collecting tired old motorcycles. Keeping those running is akin to spinning platesÖbut I did learn a lot about engineering. Seeing an old Sand Scorcher, a few years before the re-release, is what reignited my interest. Groovy.
Iíve had a few R/C cars, not many, I only drive for fun and I love fixing them up. I tend to gravitate towards the vintage buggies. Iíve been on this site as a guest for a while now; itís full of inspiring ideas - it made sense that I should just join alreadyÖ

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