Blazing blazer #2 off road race trophy truck/car
Southern Cross Bug

Thanks Fernado and Badboy. I was super excited to find these ! My Blazer resto is going to be black/gold now.

My old race car
Southern Cross Bug

Awesome feedback. @ dirt-540, the rear sus works well and is set up to sit flat when running. @ BeetleOne, DennisM and Cooltoys. All the work was done in my dads shed. The chassis/radio plates were cut by hand and formed in a vice so too the roll bars. A BIG THANKS

Baja bug project (after / part i)

Great detailing, the mud flaps insignia are the best!

I never thought i would own one of these mip4*400
Southern Cross Bug

Hi Eleck_Rider and Spike, the transmission is very notchy but I think it is ok, the front shocks have been replaced and the rear end given a wheel alignment, It is looking much better.
It now has a twin, built from the pile of spares, complete with carbon fibre chassis copied off this one

Ongoing resto.

Hi gozone, your Champ looks like a great find! Thought that you may like to know that the dried up balloons is 100% accurate, think they were factory supplied weather proofing. I remember mine having them too.

A few more

Looks great at speed! The rear bumpers on the Super Champ were fragile, hope the new version is better

Beaten up now restored
Southern Cross Bug

Thank you guys, Overall I am happy with the results. I will try some matt on the back Crash Cramer. Bit of a rush on the rear tyres mongoose1983, thanks. Cheers Grumpy pants. MAD-BEE, yes XR311 are a tight squeeze and it does change the profile of the tyre from rounded to squared off. You have to use an extra 8mm x 5mm 2.5mm lipped bearing on the inside for clearance and a new nyloc nut on backwards to lock on front wheels. Might be getting a few stickers yet. Thank you all!

Sand scorcher rally

Like the decals, they really stand out

Making the most of summer!

Great photo's I've always wanted to see the MB Unimog close to the buggy champ. To see how it would look as a tow vehicle. All 3 look great.

Another srb racer

Good looking buggy, I have one very similiar, will be putting it up soon I hope. Is that a Parma body?

Fighting fox

The colour scheme is great !

Gratis yz10 91 works - from work

Looks like a great project, I may have some new front tyres that will fit in my trade section, not asking much!

Getting closer!

MIP super rare! The screws on the UNIs are very soft normally and break on removal, go easy and save for a shelf queen. Awesome find!

Vintage rc10l now sold

Looks fast even in the box, have a body in mind?

Blazing blazer #2 off road race trophy truck/car
Southern Cross Bug

Hi emspjay Yes The Blazing Blazer was based on these race trucks, I believe there were 2 built. One was a single seater and the other a 2 seater.

Restored super champ
Southern Cross Bug

Thanks SRB Bloke, I am very happy how it turned out, I had to guess the dimensions for the cage. Cheers Grumpy pants

Restored super champ
Southern Cross Bug

Hi Crash and Mongoose I was inspired after seeing Mongoose1983s Rough Rider, looking so cool, finally put my Super Champ up. You are on the money with the blacked out roll bar, it will complete the look. The band stops have been damaged / stretched to use. Thanks for all the comments Guys!!!

Asso rc10 classis

Great paint work, love the yellow ! I have a re re too, keeping it for a rainy day

Restored super champ
Southern Cross Bug

Hi Crash Cramer, yes it is has indeed the reverse switching function. And it still works! Thanks for having so much interest in my car guys.

2 more saved!!!!!

Awesome finish all of on them!! Plus an RCH front end sneaking in there too! Titanium and Blue is my favorite.

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