Model: 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 25-Jul-2014
Comments: 9
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July 2014: Typical, I turn my back for a while and what do you know? - Jack Willy and Steve (McQueen) Willy decide to fit some LED headlights and enter the STUMPscorcher in the Le Mans 24h race!

Of course as is usual it rained, so the chipped paint on the rear started to rust... along with the usual dirt and debris a race car would pick up over 24 hours... oil (from other racers, fortunately), exhaust soot (that Steve Willy has a heavy right foot!), and general bugs and gunk all over the bonnet and lexan windshield - fortunately they had fitted some wipers too!

I hope you like the latest incarnation - I couldn't be too angry with the guys, after all it now fits in with the rest of my tatty and rusty garage far better!

Toot toot!


Far more menacing now it has race pedigree! Exhaust soot and rust - it was a hard 24 hours... GULF logos faded and worn Filthy windscreen Willy didn't need his goggles after all... LED lights fitted to existing buckets Wild Willy roof sticker keeps it in the family Original paint scheme a homage to GULF Porsches and orange bonnet ties in with Blitzer Beetle too. Jan 2015: Latest addition - black wheels at last!

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I do like this new state of a very fun car! I bet they gave the ZEOD RC a run for its money

SRB Bloke


Those cheeky Willy's......
Looks like they cleaned the wheels and tyres but nothing else



Very nice, I also just added light on my (big) beetle. Your aging effects are phenomenal.



great work as ever



Love it, amazing weathering, I think if you added black weathered wheels it would really finish suit this awesome build



Thank you everyone! Yes, I know what you mean about the 'shiny' wheels (it's the same with the Nailer Scaler - it's just I can't bring myself to 'ruin' such lovely new wheels just yet... ;o) Perhaps I should just swap them over with the STUMPkin - those have the patina of a genuine 25 years now!



Could very well be a best seller if launched by Tamiya. Funky!



Sweet ride, the weathering is just right, and the shortened body is a master stroke.
Happy Willy!

Crash Cramer


There is bound to be somebody kit bashing/selling just the wheels for you to 'ruin' with weathering Jenny. I like it and am wearing my Steve 'Mr. Cool' McQueen shirt today and we both applaud your work here. Fitting tie in since Porsche and VW were very much linked in the old days. Thank you Dr Porsche.

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