Model: 84427: TB Evo.6 MS Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 20-Jun-2016
Comments: 4
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Here's my new TB Evo 6 MS, which is is a so the latest of TB Evo series.

Here are main differences to the Evo 6:

Evo 6MS

* 85mm wide alloy chassis, which is 2mm thick and weights about 104g (Evo 6 90mm carbon chassis)

* new motormount, which solves the spurgear problems
* With the Evo 6 version the spurgear had to shimmed to reduce it's wobble

* new designed alloy damperstays, which lowers the damperstay a little

* new designed alloy mainshaft, which is 25% lighter than the Evo 6 version.

* stabi stopper from the TRF 419

My changes during build:

* own shimming instead of manual shimming

* alloy bevel gears, reducing friction and increases durability

With that changes the Evo 6 MS has free spinning wheels for about 7 to 10 seconds, with no motor mounted

The new motormount is really nice, and the spurgear does not wobble, but it's very difficult to change the spurgear, once it is worn.

I'm using my Evo 6 MS indoor, and the Evo 6 is driven on outdoor tracks.

TB Evo 6 MS so far the maximum.... ...EVOLUTION i love the EVO 6 new motormount motormount, damperstays, stabi stopper new shaft holder, alloy gears reducing friction Nissan GTR racing body




Looks great, would love one of these. Stupidly traded away my black edt. TBevo6.



too bad, since it's one of the coolest evos...



Looks great.



wow - i love that bling bling chassis!!

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