Model: 58414: Unimog 406 Mercedes-Benz
Status: Project
Date: 10-Sep-2016
Comments: 6
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We should probably just name this 'Project Overkill' because I went completely overboard on hopups and bling for this model. It started as a basic 58414 CR01 Unimog kit, but I swapped in numerous hopups from Tamiya, 3Racing, Yeah Racing, GPM, RC Screwz, and Gearhead RC.

I have a complete build thread here:

My favorite part of the shell is the front grill -- Tamiya cleverly molded a chrome part, and then provided decals with a black square pattern to create the illusion of holes in the grill. The decals and the molded part have perfect registration, and this impressed me quite a bit. The part of the shell I like the least are the two diagonal lines that run across the sides and top of the shell -- these are artifacts of Tamiya using a 3-piece buck to vacuum-form the part. Couldn't we position the lines a little more strategically in the body???

For electronics I'm running a TEU-101BK (100% reverse speed capable), a HPI Saturn 35T motor, smaller 15T pinion, 8-channel receiver / stick transmitter, and a pair of metal gear servos for four-wheel steering. The extra channels on the receiver will come in handy later if I choose to add lighting and a winch. The model moves at a brisk walking pace and it's fun to make it crab-crawl with the extra steering.

I have so much invested that I've been afraid to really run this model hard. There's a lesson in this, I think. As a result I've changed my approach to RCs and now focus more on basic functional upgrades for runners and save the cosmetic stuff for shelfers. My Heavy Dump Truck build is fairly detailed and still ongoing, but the difference is I'm trying to make all of my upgrades vs. buying them like I did here.


Basket Case


Very nice. Think I'd be reluctant to run something this nice... which is a bit of a shame really.

Crash Cramer


I forgot, is that a lexan shell or hard body?? Nice purposing of the camera lens cover for the prop job.



Awesome result! I have the CR01 Wrangler with a similar, if not more, collection of parts which I need still to assemble. I fully intend to run it, albeit gently as is the reason and interest for this hobby/sport/art. Have fun..!



Cool looking beast!



It's so nice!!
My I ask name/no of color?



Thanks! The body color is Tamiya PS-48 Anodized Aluminum Silver and PS-5 Black.

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