Model: 58008: Lamborghini Countach LP500S (CS)
Status: Restored
Date: 8-Jan-2017
Comments: 5
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I won this CS chassis and a well used body on eBay a few weeks ago and have made a start on the refurb.

I tried a few way to get the aluminium to look good, after playing around with these years ago I've always considered how to refurb aliminium better.

I tried: 1. Cellulose based thinners, real strong and will clean anything, does a great job at preparing the metal and cleaning but nothing like new.
2. Sand blasting = it left the surface dull, very clean and uniform but it loses its original look.
3.An aluminium acid that would eat yet he surface away, this one was actually available on eBay believe it or not, and yes it eats the Ali away, however the finish was not what I wanted and wasn't completely uniform, plus a bit dull.

4.My final way was to use a Brillo pad and using it in a single direction, very laborious but it definitely gives it a more original and uniform look. I then finished off with a thin coat of lacquer for protection. I found that in all my testing the slightest oil from your hands after cleaning back then ali marks it.

More pictures to come as I progress, I am hoping to source a body set soon, maybe 😬, anyone? 😀




I love Countaches, this chassis looks new. I Will look forward for the finished car



Have you ever tried Nevr-Dull ? You can buy it on e-bay. best polish I have come across. The Chassis of my Porsche was polished using it apparently



I haven't tried that but will look it up, thanks. I wasn't looking to polish as such though as I was trying to get clean original look. 👍

Crash Cramer


I have used Nevrdull as well as MAAS metal polish, but I think the best so far is Weiman's as shown here, but it could come out TOO SHINY.
[Click here]



A little update, wheels on with another repro bumper of mine.

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