Model: 58384: Subaru Brat
Status: Extra info
Date: 9-Jan-2017
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January 2017 - Showroom update:

Status: New Model (refurbishment of previous model)

Name: Body-shop Brat

Chassis: TL-01

Body: Subaru Brat (re-release) hard-body.

Built in Dec 2016/Jan 2017, this is technically a refurbishment of my first Tamiya: a TL-01 chassis Subaru Impreza that was re-bodied with an F150 shell and wheels/tyres from 2008.

The re-re Brat body was left over from a NIB kit I bought primarily for the chassis (see the Fro-Sco in my showroom), with customised rear wheel-arches to fit on the 257mm length wheelbase of the TL-01 chassis.

I have also incorporated working lights front and rear by customising the original moulded lamps to accept LED housings.

The TL-01 chassis is complete stock, other than slightly longer shock springs to improve the ground clearance.

The driver 'Crazy Kelly' is a combination of the head from a Kelly Osbourne figurine, the helmet from a Sand Scorcher, and the Brat driver body.

For more information, please see the more detailed build-thread in 'The Builds' section of the TC forum:

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Cool truck.



Loving the rat look

Crash Cramer


Diggin' that driver, nice and now I want a beat up Brat body, can't get one for chips, so I might get a re re kit shell, who knows, perhaps I need to build the chassis first.



Yeah nice truck, good work!

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