Model: 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 10-Jan-2017
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January 2017 - showroom update:

Status: Refurbishment/update (of existing new-build)

Name: The STUMPscorcher

Chassis: WR-02

Body: Sand Scorcher (2010 re-re)

So it turns out I'm not quite so adverse to box-art paintwork after all!

I built the original 'STUMPscorcher' in January 2014, and at the time debated whether to go with a traditional box-art inspired two-tone paint-job, or something more custom (see link below to: 'STUMPscorcher - Le Mans Edition', and Part 1-3 in 'extra info').

While the GULF Racing livery is still one of my favourites, I really felt that to truly do this concept justice (as an amalgam of two iconic Tamiya models), that I really ought to attempt the traditional white/French blue colour scheme of the original Sand Scorcher after all...

Fortunately (or rather unfortunately) this decision also coincided with a rather over-enthusiastic driving session in the hands of my 11 year old niece, which resulted in some minor damage to the paint and bodywork, and also showed up a few shortcomings with the original body-mountings.

This was all the incentive I needed to strip the body back a little and create more of a homage after all.

You may notice the revised rear body mountings using a custom parcel-shelf; while the driver has had his helmet repainted in solid orange, as a nod to the original paint scheme.

The stickers are a mixture of 2010 re-re Sand Scorcher (using the smaller 537 number roundels, which fit between the wheel-arches on the shorter body), some smaller Wild Willy 2 'Forward' logos, and a repro 'Jackman Wheels' as a nod to the original Scorcher graphics.

If you followed the build thread on the forum, then I trust you'll probably agree this really is the way it ought to have looked all along!

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
The STUMPscorcher - Le Mans edition!


Mr duke


Oh wow looks very cool love your work



Interesting angles in the roof line, loving it



Love it!




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