Model: 58384: Subaru Brat
Status: Restored
Date: 14-Feb-2017
Comments: 5
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This truck been completely gone through. I started with parts from two old frogs. The black frame is from the 80s. I had to put spacers on both end battery stops to accommodate today's 7.2v battery. I had the body professionally painted in a beautiful yellow. I did the final touches on the body such as sunroof and bed plus the roll bar. I painted and made the baseball cap for my driver. At the moment I'm running a Traxxas Stinger 540 type electric motor. I really can't run it as hard as the motor will allow for fear of overturning the truck and destroying the paint job. So this little baby is mostly a shelf queen. I think I will paint up a polycarbonate body and change the rear mounts when I really run it rather fast and loose. I have several variations of this A framed rc in the form of the blackfoot, the frog, the Monster beetle, the King blackfoot and another Brat I'm working on right now. Just love the dynamic of these old frames.

A good look at my driver




Looks good in yellow!



Looking very good in yellow. Fabulous paintjob. Are those alloy rims?
How about removing the lower bumper just for the shelf?



Looks ace !! great scheme , and those wheels !!! excellent , the cap is a nice touch



Sharp looking Brat, like the yellow

Crash Cramer


Looks great and MIP is in your back yard, so, order the MIP Ball diff and you shouldn't have to worry much about flipping it over as quickly.

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