Model: 99959: Axial
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Feb-2017
Comments: 1

After getting hold of a kit recently, I knew I wanted to run one quicker than waiting for the build to finish
(the electrics to go with it cost a bit!),

so putting it to one side I found a used runner complete setup with lipos and charger as well to get me up and running straight away.

I've already had a couple of light test runs, but as you may know, this buggy is designed and more suited to uneven ground (rocks, sand or dirt) that normal 1/10 scale buggies would probably struggle with..
...thus opening the door on another section of the hobby....

Probably at the end of the year it will get a strip down and refurb and some added tweaks...

So far on 3s it seems to obtain approx 20mph or so, 4s next!

UPDATE 18/02/17

After a 15min run the pinion broke, never did a check over before running
but a proper steel RW steel replacement is on order

UPDATE 18/03/17

Steel pinion, steel spur and support bearing installed, slipper had wear so flipped it and ill see how it goes




very cool

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