Model: 58192: King Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Feb-2017
Comments: 3
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After I got my Grasshopper running again my son bought a King Blackfoot on a local 2nd hand site. He got it for a reasonable price and in reasonable state given it was meant to be a runner anyway. I got tired of getting my Grasshopper (see link below) run over by his Blackfoot time after time, so I searched and found another 2nd hand King Blackfoot for myself. We had some great fun running them together. To save the rear of the body from too much damage I fabricated some wheelie bars. Necessary as they pull wheelies with great pleasure being ballraced and running just the classic RS540.

On more demanding terrain first the front dampers worked themselves lose in a couple of minutes. After fixing that with bolts and locknuts instead of the standard self tapping screws the dampers started breaking at the bottom. Changing all dampers to oil filled CVA and putting them on ball connectors at the bottom got this problem solved.

At this time both body’s had seen better days and when the steering began to give us trouble every time popping lose at the servo or stripping out the strange long bolt and nut construction in the middle of the steering assembly it was time to decide: restore or sell.

We sold them on.

My sons King Blackfoot How I bought mine The pair of them together From top Alu tape to hide the cracked windows Brown tape = quick repair




Nice foot collection



Thanks, I always loved the look of them Blackfoot's!



These make great fun runners and look the part too. I'd suggest a good quality brushed motor between 13x4 and 17x4. You'll get torque and speed. A must is to fit 4 Fastrax 85mm shocks, get them set up right with lots of sag and it transforms the handling of this truck. Part of me regrets selling mine after modifying it. Nice to see your putting it through its paces.

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