Model: 58354: The Frog
Status: Restored
Date: 15-Feb-2017
Comments: 4
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Some years ago, my first attempt at recreating my Circa 1980s collection of Tamiya RC's was to build a Frog from old parts. Of course I searched best prices from around the world. I could have purchased a re-issue kit but I wanted this little buggy to be as old and original as possible. so for months it was find a part here find a part there. Ebay USA, UK and Australia were my greatest resources at the time. After about 7 months of parts acquisition, the little Frog was beginning to take shape except the paint job. My first attempt to run it presented some problems in the transmission. A little trouble shooting revealed the bearing cups at output shafts on the tranny body was worn out from prior use of bushing. Made the purchase of some fresh new ones from the parts tree and put it back together. Worked fine. These transmissions are touchy. a warped side plate or worn bearing cup can ruin your day. Moving on I figured the vintage Green Machine motor was appropriate for the power plant. I was really lucky getting a deal on ebay with an old blackfoot frame that was sold as 'for parts or repair.' It had a rear stabilizer system included. Made it all worth the while. The paint job was long and drawn out for me. New territory here. As you can see I tried to match the box art here. A four color combination. Pink, Yellow, black & White. I overlooked by accident the side windows. Oops! they got painted white. I have since removed the paint (scrapped it off) from the side windows and added the driver. As stated before the picture to be updated later. Now after painting I took it out for a run, I flipped it and tore the wing off. it turns out the polycarbonate was brittle (old) along with the support post. Went to the local hobby shop and purchased some hobby putty (The green stuff that set up and become hard.) Filled the post on the body and reinforced the wing with a piece of soft plastic. Reconnected the wing with sheet metal screws. (Whew!) I'm going to try to clean up this repair later but original decals at a good price are becoming scarce. So for now I'll leave it as is. I run this buggy occasionally more carefully mind you. all of my cars and trucks are pampered.
Oh, the wheels are alloy outer half shells. found those while browsing the net one day. Painted the plastic parts black to blend the look of the wheel. Used foil one side sticky tape around the spot lights to give them the look. Believe it or not, this one is a work in progress after all these years. I'm having fun.

The Frog




Great looking Frog



Thanks Wyoming. It's still a work in progress.



Great Frog and great pics. Did you just use zoom ?



That looks great! I have wanted a Frog for years and this just makes me want one even more!

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