Model: 58038: Subaru Brat
Status: New built
Date: 19-Mar-2017
Comments: 2
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Little bit of a story behind this. When I got back into Tamiyas and joined TC back in 2003, I bought and restored a Brat (in my showroom) It's probably my oldest entry. At that time I started to collect spares and managed to collect enough to build another Brat, all the parts obtained were new original (this was long before the reissue came out) I stored all the parts in a Kit box for one day to be built.
Roll on a few years and Moosey (Mark) pestered me to sell the box of Brat parts - eventually I gave in and I think we did a trade for various bits and bobs. Mark built and painted the model you see here.
You see the thing is Mark has been selling off his collection and he knew I was after this but I couldnt afford it as i'm also building a full size version of the Brat (see my showroom and the thread in the forum) Mark was very patient and eventually i'd managed to sell some of my models to buy this.
Unbeknown to me it had mismatched wheels (off set differant left to right) luckily I had recently bought a part finished kit and one wheel tree was still in that box so I swapped the incorrect wheel over so it had matching deep dish wheels. It also had the wrong front bumper on being the later wide type, however over the years I've managed to pick up a few NIB narrow bumpers so swapped that out as well. It's now 100% new built and as per the first edition. I am chuffed with this and it's the only model I have on display in the house (the rest are stored away)
I dug out my original restored Brat to sit against this, it does look a little tired if i'm honest and the paint has gone a little flat but I did restore is 15 years ago - I have recently bought another Brat off ebay so when that arrived I plan to put them all together for a photo shoot !!! Thanks for looking

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
How many hours? and how much? it frightens me to think !!!*


Crash Cramer


Well I hate getting old as I couldn't tell which one was old and which one was from Moosey. They both look stellar in these photos and the details are great. Isn't it good to get back an original kit you used to have?? Project Binky FINALLY got an update, so it is time for your next update.



There will be an update soon for project ??? What shall we call it? Regards these I'm not happy with the pics so will update when weather improves.

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