Model: 58070: Midnight Pumpkin
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Mar-2017
Comments: 8
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March 2017 - Showroom update:

Status: Update to existing new build

Name: The STUMPkin

Chassis: WR-02

Body: Midnight Pumpkin (original 1980s - shortened)

My oldest (in parts) and longest running project - the STUMPkin has also been refreshed recently...

Originally built in 2008 using a new Wild Willy 2 kit for the chassis (the body ending up being the Nailer Scaler - see showroom entry), and modifying my original [shortened] Midnight Pumpkin shell that had been fitted to to Taiyo RC chassis way back in 1989!

Because the original body was tired and tatty - and had gone through any number of coats of primer and paint during the rebuild, I elected to keep the body in a permanent state of disrepair, and more recently (2013) also employed the salt-weather technique to make it even more scabby looking!

Over the years I have added a few accessories to the rear load-bay, mounted a dedicated driver (my original 'Ciggie Willy'), and also fitted front and rear lights - again, please see the various stages in the Extra Info section of my showroom.

The latest (2017) modifications revolve around the front end - narrowing the grille panel even further, and fabricating some inner wheel-arches to tie everything together. I also delated the small orange running lights I'd incorporated below the headlights, to simplify the 'face'.

The tools and other junk in the load-bay are primarily a selection of Proline scale accessories, suitably weathered of course - together with a Wild Willy 2 fuel cell and N2O canister, plus Jerry can on the rear tailgate - tying the build in with the original donor vehicle.

Most of the time my WR-02 family just sit on the shelf, but every time I put a battery in one them it reminds me what huge fun they are to drive!

I hope you like the latest evolution too!

Jenny xx

Latest mods include front inner wheel-arches shortened Pumpkin shell on WR-02 chassis Load-bay accessories are all glued in These wheels & tyres are original 80's too! rear LED lights, GB sticker and WW2 Jerry can A combo of scale and cartoon... weathering detail includes salt and dry brushing Ciggie Willy with modified open-face helmet Narrower grill and headlight trim. WW2 which April 2017: re-profiled front wings... Out and about on the beach!

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Looks wacky cool😁 l have just got a Pumpkin but not nothing like this lol and cant beat the WR-02 chassis! Love the tools!👍



Pretty nice! I love it!



Man,,this is fantastic!!! I love what you did with the proportions of the shell, narrowed grille etc. All the details in the bed out back,,, you nailed it!!!



Awesome build Jenny! Like Steve said, your attention to detail is amazing.



Creative genius! 'Just makes me scream, 'I want one!' Sensational!!



Really looks cool Jenny.



Pure awesomeness!



Simply great & original! Lovely details you added all over the model - very nice work!!

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