Model: 58046: Fast Attack Vehicle
Status: Project
Date: 14-Apr-2017
Comments: 4
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I have wanted a Fast Attack Vehicle since they first came out but all my spare cash went on my racing buggies so never bought one, then the re release came out but there was always something wrong in the house or on a family car so those slipped by as well.

Having had a big house declutter and a sell off via eBay that netted nearly 1000 I started looking every day for that one special model, Oh and I also bought some vintage computers as well. After two weeks I spotted a vintage FAV with a buy it now and paid the price as I didn't want to miss it. Ironically the main time I will run it is when I holiday in the area that I bought it from as we go there almost every year.

It needs a good clean before painting and I have managed to buy the majority of missing/damaged parts for it already thanks to the rerelease of the Fast Attack Vehicle and Buggy Champ.




Nice Score !!! Have fun with it !!!!

Crash Cramer


Good looking purchase Clive, don't rebuild the diff wrong like I did

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