Model: 99983: Associated
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Apr-2017
Comments: 4
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So got another project almost finished. I raced an original RC10L at a local track back in the day. I found one NIB but couldn't build it because I knew I would run it. So I sold the NIB and found this one as a roller to fix up and run. It's got period electronics including an Edinger stock motor which is what I ran in my original one. I got a re-pro body on it and some re-pro JPS decals to give it some Tamiya style. Just need some new wheels and tires and fit a TX and crystals and it will be ready for me to bash the crap out of it LOL!


Crash Cramer


Sexy looking beast, on the front page looked more like the Batmobile to me. I think it will be great to see this run, but I am a tad worried about the servo wiring, looks a little backwards and needs a plug spade, perhaps I have one here???



Thanks Chris! LOL! Good eye! That plug is another thing I got to finish. It is for the ESC. It came with an Airtronics plug and I just did that for testing, I do have the correct Futaba plug.

Crash Cramer


Okay, sorry to be picky, but I did find my J plugs here in case.



Wow, that is indeed a sexy looking beast!

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