Model: 47330: The Bigwig (2017)
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Apr-2017
Comments: 3
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Last year - 2016 - was, around these parts, expected to be a huge celebratory 12 months of exciting new Tamiya RC releases and more classic re-releases. And yet, it never materialised. It was almost as if the company had forgotten that they had a 40th anniversary of making RC cars to celebrate.

Thankfully they didn't quite leave the whole year without anything to get excited about and very late in the year they re-released this, the Bigwig....but boy did they leave it late. So late in fact, that they didn't announce it in time to celebrate the 30 years since the release of the original, which was itself a celebration release to commemorate their 10th year of being involved with RC cars. Sometimes, it seems, the company just doesn't care too much about the numbers.

I was really happy to see this kit make a comeback. Somewhat incredibly, a little more than a few days before this one was announced, I actually sold my new built original example as I am moving away from vintage to focus on re-releases. My plan was to build my own 're-release' out of a mixture of re-re Boomerang and original Bigwig parts. Quite amazingly though, I no longer needed to begin that particular project.

This one came with a few very nice touches, including an updated photo on the box artwork of Takuya Yura, the designer of the Bigwig body, and also a special label for the motor to commemorate the re-release. Since this will be a runner though, I couldn't not have a Technigold fitted in it so I nabbed one of the few remaining MFA-RX15 motors out there....which is basically just the Technigold rebranded. Quite amazing to think that the Technigold had somehow remained in production for decades after it's initial release.

A warm welcome back for another classic. Lovely original artwork returns too. Packaging is functional this time around though. That classic Takuya Yura silhouette. His wheels make the 31 year jump too. No Dick Cepek though, so we didn't get it all. Motor label is a nice touch. This buggy was meant to have a Technigold though. Plenty of plastic in this kit... Mr Yura...then and now.


Crash Cramer


Your first paragraph about the seemingly little attention paid to Tamiya's past anniversary sounds VERY similar to the folks over at Futaba. A few years ago I was trying my hardest to find any dirt on the old radio sets that I love and get some idea about specs and such and so I contacted Futaba only to get a reply that seemingly they don't like to live in the past and that their LATEST Technology seemed to be the only thing they were worried about. I mean, who wants to forget where they came from??? So, I doubt that Futaba is reading this, but thanks to us scavengers of old things, I will have to make the Futaba Surface Radio Museum a reality here in Texas.



Great looking buggy. I wanted one of these for years, and now finally possible. I really enjoyed building this beauty.



every time I see a bigwig here on TC in the startpage, with the small foto-preview, I have to click on it....

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