Model: 58062: Hotshot II
Status: Restored
Date: 3-Feb-2019
Comments: 3
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This is the first car I had as a 12 year old, It's taken me over a year to find one to restore, but finally it's nearly done. Just need to rebuild the RX 540VZ and a few finishing touches. This is my first time posting my showroom but shall post the others as I have time. Hope you like it and happy collecting. As you can see from the photo I finally got the Mrs to agree for a few of my cars to make it out of the garage and into the house. Result




Welcome ! Well done on a great first post. Great that this represents your first Tamiya from your youth and the inside cabinet looks very nice. Mrs Vintage 1 is either very understanding or agreed because she thought you might spend more time inside the house and not in the garage. I bet it's the only dusting you ever do too.....



Looks great. I love the HSII, one of the best looking buggies made. Nice cabinet and ofcourse these beauties have to be shown inside. I will bet your future guests, will remember this cabinet more, than any other things in your house.



Hi guys. Thanks for your comments. The next project is an original Grasshopper' my first ever Tamiya' Built, never run, original body which I have undercoated and sprayed gloss white, just the task of cutting out and applying the original decals. Shall post one finished.

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