Model: 58043: The Grasshopper
Status: Other
Date: 7-Feb-2019
Comments: 3
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Told myself one car at a time, but I obviously don't listen to myself. 2nd from the left is my runner with hornet shocks, ball raced and sport tuned. Number 4 is an original boxed, never run, I've just undercoated and given it 3 coats of Tamiya gloss white and spent the day painstakingly cutting out the original 80's decals, just the lights and roll bars to paint tomorrow ' Keeper ' .1&3 are original 80's but with ReRe body's that I purchased in a job lot. I've got a big connection with the Grasshopper, as it was my first car at 10/11 years old, that I built with my Dad. The basic and cheapest of all Tamiya but it got me racing and has fuelled the passion for 35 years. Original boxed Hotshot in the background is the next project. Happy Days.




Love it! Such great nostalgia....I have a similar story with the Hornet. I have three of them so far: NIB original, new-built re-re shelf queen and an original runner with period-correct electronics.



Aahhh, the legendary Grasshopper! My first car also and I'm so happy I can still drive my original one today 35 years after the first time. They can take a lot of abuse.



Nice!! I'm the same way with the Frog. Got my restored original, a runner, NIB Re-Re, Just need to find a original NIB.

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