Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Feb-2019
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This is one of my first two Kyosho Double Dares that I purchased from Ebay in January 2018 for $175 USD and sold in February 2019. Typical of a 30-year old r/c vehicle, the truck demonstrated the common signs of wear and tear but overall it was in very good shape. It only required the replacement of the front right drive shaft and repair of the upper link in the same area which the seller did not mention in his auction so he compensated me by sending a set of new aftermarket Monster Beetle rims/tires. :) It came with the original Lemans 05 stock motors, period-correct Futaba radio and steering servo, Hitec receiver, Tekin Rebel ESC and a green Chevy pick-up with some Grave Digger decals. Obviously, that body was not correct so it was sold so I could purchase a proper, used/original Nissan pick-up body in box-art livery that you see in the pictures. I gave it a light cleaning, bundled all the wiring neatly and added a period-correct Pro-tech 'super charger' AC/DC 702 battery charger and Sanyo 6-cell battery pack to make it RTR for the lucky Ebay winner it went to in Michigan, USA. I never had one of these as a kid but did own the very similar USA-1 that I built from NIB back in the mid 1990's and eventually sold in 2007. Fortunately, I have another used Double Dare in great condition that I'm currently sorting out to be a runner and it will be ready soon. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

I love the box-art livery. Lemans 05 stock motors provide plenty of torque. A little smaller than a USA-1. USA-1 came with more powerful Mega 360 motors. My Ebay auction picture. Original Ebay auction picture.

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