Model: 99999: Misc.
Status: Project
Date: 3-Apr-2008
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I have been searching for one of these for some considerable time , and have just picked this up. To be honest , I don't know a lot about the history of this particular kit , but as I understand , there was also a static kit produced - hence the good scale likeness and correct proportions . The chassis is very basic , almost like a scaled - up version of the Tamiya 934. The body needs a bit of tlc , and the rear wing was broken into 4 pieces , but I think this is such a nice looking car it deserves a bit of effort. If any of you know more about this car , I would be very interested to hear about it.
I have taken a picture of a 1:18 scale alongside to give some idea of the size of it.
Here is some information on the real car for anyone who is interested...

The first turbocharged race version of the 911, racing in the prototype class, mainly to gain experience with a turbocharged 911 for the upcoming Groups 4 and 5 (expected to start in 1975, but delayed until 1976). Engine capacity reduced to 2.14 liter, to stay below the 3 liter prototype limit with the 1.4 turbo multiplication factor. One KKK turbocharger, with air-air intercooler (possibly only in the later version). Because it was raced in the prototype class, Porsche could perform almost unlimited modifications to the car. Nearly all exterior panels were replaced with fiberglass parts. The rear window was raised to improve air flow to the rear wing. An aluminium frame replaced part of the rear chassis. Aluminium roll cage. Rear wheels sprung by coil springs instead of torsion bars. The fuel tank was moved from the nose to the rear right seat area, boxed in with sheet metal; possibly this only applies to the later version, like the #22 at Le Mans. The early version had normal side-rear windows and possibly no intercooler on the back (no opening in the rear pannel?), like the #21 at Le Mans. A later version had closed side-rear windows with NACA ducts, and an intercooler under the rear bodywork (above the exhaust exits).





Road Burner


Wow, looks real sweet! Great history on the real one!

rad22rad Alloys


Really like this model Mark, those tyres need painting dont they ???



Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...



Great looking Porsche!

petay pan


awsome porsche!



Fanbloodytastic! What a rare beast




I have a sad and lucky story to this:
My dad bought the static 1/8 kit whe it was released in the 70ies. We reproduced some major chassis parts from brass material and impanted a graupner Varioprop RC control. The first trial with this car was a desastre, because a bicicle rider smashed into it on the parking lot. The front was completely damaged and we had to abandon the car.
Now, 30 years later, I ebayed a partially built kit with a damaged body and will equip the static model again with RC. I'm jealous on your model very nice find!

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