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Status: For Sale
Date: 23-Apr-2017
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Hi all,

A few years ago i went into Fratton model shop and asked if they had any vintage spares. I ended up buying everything they had! I have used many if the parts in my restorations, but there are approx 100 bags of spares left. They are mostly new old stock, but there are a few bags of used parts. I will try and list as many items as i can. Basically i am looking for an offer for the whole lot. I would rather it went to a TC member, but if no interest i will put it on ebay.
Parts that i have identified are:

Midnight Pumpkin: rear panels x2

Avante: Chassis parts
E parts x2
50349 front diff gear set
Front upright set 348

Falcon: A parts
B parts x15
D parts
F parts x2
gearset x2
damper bag x3
rod bag
R parts x2

Blackfoot: Gearset
D parts
E parts x3
G parts

Manta Ray: C parts

Brat: H parts

Grasshopper: A parts
Monster truck conversion set (very rare)

Bearhawk: A parts
Gear set

HotShot: Front wheels and tyre set

Toyota HiLux: Roll bar/ light bar

Clodbuster: Chassis
D Parts

Fox: O parts

Mud Blaster: F parts

Monster Beetle &
derivatives: 3485019 front axle shaft packs x3

Vanquish: E parts

Madcap: B Parts
G parts x4
E parts

Thundershot: 0225035 shock absorber case set
Y Parts

Honda Integra
Type R: A Parts

Frog and chassis
derivatives: Drive shaft packs x4
Front suspension and chassis parts

BigWig and Hotshot: Bevel gear packs x2

Replacement steering arm set for Blackfoot / Monster Beetle etc x5

50300 4wd Front joint cup set x3
50301 4wd rear joint cup set
50207 Half shaft set
Kyosho Turbo Rocky 400 wheel set
Battery door clip set for Frog / Brat etc

There are many more new packs and loose parts. Too many to go through individually.

Make me an offer. This is a big box,so i will need to quote on a postage price when i know where its going.

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