Up for Trade is my Tamiya Juggernaut 2 MT - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: For Trade
Date: 6-Jul-2017
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Hi mates,

Up for trade is my Tamiya Juggernaut 2 as Im looking after some new projects :)

Bought it used some month ago but in really nice condition. Ive been restoring it since.
Took it apart, cleaned it up. Added full ball bearings and a brand new Factory Jugg 2 transmission with double 55t HPI Crawler motors. Body been striped with soda blasting (worked really well), and coated with tamiya white primer and Tamiya TS Italien Red. To be honest painting is not one of my best job, but will do it on the shelf. Added aftermarket MCI racing Jugg 2 decals. Added Brand New Tamiya TEU-106BK speedo. Added aluminium swing arms.
Side mirrors were broken so I sandpapered it flat, now looks really nice. I guess monster trucks do not need mirrors :D.
Missing one lamp lens from the roof light and the old MSC dust protector.
Got the old MSC, got the factory plastic swing arms and got the old transmission which is ok except the old spur gear. Got the old motors but guess they are worn out.
Tires are in really nice condition.
All in all its a nice complete set.
No radio gear and receiver!

Looking after 2 or 3 Tamiya TT car. Nib, or built or XB... all fine

Shipping ONLY in EU contries. (Secured shipping)
Thank you for looking.
Best regards,