WANTED: Hirobo 44B wheels and Tires (set of 4) - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: Wanted
Date: 8-Jul-2017
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Hello Tamiyaclub Members, it's been a while I know since I've last posted anything up on here but something has cropped up that I require help with, I have need of a set of wheels and Tires for a Hirobo 44B car (be it Rock'n City, Rock'n Vega, Lancia Rally or the Toyota Hilux)

I require the wheels for a project and yes I do own a MIB Hirobo 44B Hilux but it's staying as a MIB and I won't be breaking up that kit for this? So if anyone out there has any availble they are prepared to sell or know of where I could get some them please let me know

thanks in advance

wldnas (Jason Lovell)