cc01 wheels and rollbar plus tshot parts - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: For Sale
Date: 7-Jan-2018
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For Sale (UK based)
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1. CC01 Pajero pre-painted bodyshell SOLD

2. CC01 Landfreeder sticker set SOLD

2. CC01 Landfreeder special chromed wheel set from one of my kits 10

3. CC01 Landfreeder chromed rollbar set from one of my kits 10

4. Used Thundershot parts, screws, shocks, rollbar, gearbox joints, diff gears, centre prop etc
screws, brass shock stand offs.....
The 3 front and rear gearbox cases have signs of splitting but otherwise good condition
only ok for a runner, what I have done in the past is epoxy a washer over the split to repair, works well
PLEASE SEE PICS, if you need specific info please ask 25

SOLD body SOLD Landfreeder sticker set landfreeder special wheels landfreeder special rollbar thundershot parts 3x gearboxes gear diffs 2x rear shock mounts blue arms roll bar gearbox joints shock parts springs