Do you have Willy envy?

Well now thanks to the generosity of Fabrizio you can all have a Willy as great as his! Just follow his simple step by step plan below and you'll have a Willy you will be proud of, and something to show off to all your friends.

Click on any image for a larger picture.

For this paint job I use acrilic water base paint, like MODEL COLOR VALLEJO and GAMES WORKSHOP (English brand for fantasy miniatures and games). You need good paint brush, size 0 - 1 - 2, firm hand and a lot of patience. With those ingredients also you will make a good paint job.

1)You start with 2 coats of white spray primer, then paint the face with pink flesh ( 2 coats for a good paint base)
2) When the primer dry, made a mixture with a drop of pink flesh and light brown and thin with water. You need a very thinned paint, like water colour. Paint with this mixture the face, you will see the colour darken the face fold. This is a "Washes" a technique used by all the modellers.
3) when dry very well, apply a coat of pink flesh only on the relief of the face, like the nose and cheeks.
4) When dry, now clear up the color with a second coat of pink flesh mixed with light pink flesh, paint a smallest area on the pink base (photo 3). You will see a little edge of the first pink coat.
5) Now use the light pink flesh and paint a smallest area on the second pink coat. The color will be shaded. You can made better shaded with more then 3 pink coat.
6) Eyes, With very dark brown, paint the eyes and the outline face.
7) Now the white (remember 2 coat) let see a fine line of dark brown.
8) Paint the iris with black ( stay well-balanced with iris).
9) Paint a white coat on the iris, let see a fine line of black.
10) Now paint de iris, I chose a light green.
11) the pupil in black.
12) Eyebrow in dark brown.
13) The reflex of the light on the iris... paint 2 small point of white, like the picture.
14) The white balaclava of the driver.
15) The black rubber edge of the helmet.
16) Now masking the face with tamiya mask tape.

17 - 18) Paint with spray can or airbrush, the helmet.

19 - 20 - 21) I chose a leaf camouflage paint scheme, like the USA helmet cover used in vietnam war. 3 shade of green and light brown.

22 - 23) light brown and finish the black rubber edge.
24) Body, you can paint with spray can, airbrush or brush (2 coat), I chose USA green uniform vietnam war. Then make a "Wash" with darken color and water (thin with a lot of water). When dry, paint with green base colour the relief of the driver overalls.

25 - 26 - 27) Paint the seat belts, the patches and other detail. (For the patches I use a thin plastic card or paper) Paint a fine line of dark green along the seat belts border. Paint the metal details with a black base.

28 - 29 - 30) Paint the seat belts buckles with aluminum and let a black edge ( shadow), the white seams. Finish the patches with yellow (2 or 3 coat). Paint the gloves with a base of buff, then with darker buff (add a drop of black), paint between the fingers and paint the fold of the gloves. ( You can make also a "wash" with a thinned mixture of buff, a drop of black, and water.

31 - 32) little flag on the back of helmet, 7 th cavalry.

33 - 34 - 35) Finally, add the head... WOW! You have now a really nice Willis driver. N.B. You must paint with spray can or airbrush, 2 coat of enamel matt varnish, this is for to strengthen your paint job.